Thursday, 24 February 2011

Do You Know Who @TimWeaverBooks Is?

WARNING: The following contains me being a nerd.

Ok, if any of you read the magazine XboxWorld360 you will know who Tim Weaver is. If you don’t then you should still know who Tim Weaver is. Recently I went to my cousin’s house and he had a copy of Tim’s “Chasing the Dead” which is his first of two crime fiction novels. Tim is the editor at XboxWorld which is a magazine I have been reading for maybe 2 years now, although I have not subscribed because my parents won’t leave me to unless I have the money all at once to pay the full subscription, which I never do because I am always buying new games.

But the reason I am writing this is because after I seen the book at my cousin’s houses I took it and read a bit of it. I then refused to read anymore simply because I was borrowing the book, I wanted to buy it because it is that good. I have ordered my copy of the book from easons (which is still yet to come) and when I am done reading that I will get Tim’s new book “The Dead Tracks”.

If by any chance Tim Weaver is reading this (which I highly doubt) I want to ask you something. As I am in Ireland and cannot get to the book signing in bath any chance you could send me your autograph in the post? Also I would like to thank you for the @reply on twitter, I nearly shat myself when I seen you replied (partly because I am a fan, and partly because I was playing Dead Space 2 at the time) Yes, as I type this I realise how desperate I sound so I am going to stop writing now. Talk to you guys soon.

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