Thursday, 24 February 2011

Video Games Induces Rape

Video games have been around with many years now and the Games industry is doing pretty well. Video games, though never have had the support that movies or music do. If a week goes by without someone complaining a game is too violent, that has been a good week in my book. This post is kind of a response to a post which was put up on thegamershub yesterday by Ryan. In that post he said that a woman is now claiming that people are going out raping because of video games, what? seriously? I know for a fact that people don’t. Let’s face it, when was the last time you have seen rape in a video game? Then compare that too when was the last time you have seen rape in a movie. I know for a fact anyone who is reading this is just after realising, rape is very hard to come by in video games, violence on the other hand I can take on their criticism about that but in my opinion that argument is still nonsense. I have played many 18+ games, but that does not mean that I have the urge to go out and murder my neighbour or bring a gun to school and shoot my classmates. The reason I don’t agree with these people who say video game’s make you violent is because they don’t. I know that the game I am playing is, well a game. I agree that if you are not over 18 you should not get an 18+ game (in some circumstances). For example do not give that game to a 12 year old who still thinks someone saying poop is funny, but do give it to the guy who is nearly 18 who is mature enough to handle the content.
The only way young people will not get their hands on the next COD or Dead Space is down to the parents. If parents don’t buy the games for the kids they won’t be able to play them now will they? But even if you say this to the parents they will say they don’t buy the games for them. This is ridiculous, ok in some cases you might have that one dodgy shop that will give an 18+ game to a 13 year old but 99% of shops won’t. For example, I was in a shop one day which sold DVD’s and games. A child (around 12) walked in with his mother and proceeded to ask for a horror movie which was 18+. The mother said no because he was too young too see it. He then went over and asked could he rent Dead Space2. I had a little chuckle to myself because I expected the mother to say no because it was also 18+ rated. But no, the mother said sure. She went to the counter and paid to rent the game (which the person behind the counter said it is in no-way suitable for this kid to play) but she said that he will be fine. I got Dead Space 2 myself, it gave me the shits. I can only imagine the counselling that child will have to get simply because his mother after being warned and seeing that it was 18+ still got him.
The games company’s can do no more to stop their products being played by minors. They have the rating on it for a reason, so I don’t know maybe listen to it? You listen to the rating’s on movie’s don’t you? The games company’s should be allowed to put whatever they want in their products because they are targeting an audience of gamers over 18. The average age for a gamer is late 20’s early 30’s. But for the moment we can only wait until the youth of today are older and they are running things because they will understand games, they will appreciate what video games do, they will appreciate the people who play them and hopefully video games will then be accepted into the mainstream of entertainment.

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