Friday, 11 March 2011

3DS Price Slash….Again!

So I know some of you have already pre-ordered your 3DS for when it releases but even though there is only two weeks until the 3DS launches here in Europe companies are still competing for you to buy it with them. Since Nintendo gave no price for the 3DS in Europe and left it up to the sellers, we have seen a lot of various websites and different shops selling the new console for many different prices but so far the cheapest you could get it is around the £197 mark. Until now that is. Morrisons, a UK supermarket, have again slashed the price of the 3DS to not £190, not £189, not £188 but yes… £187.
As a consumer who still has to decide where to get the 3DS and when this makes me want to try and ship it from the UK to here in Ireland where we are getting charged 270 euro. I am still in consideration on when to get the 3DS wether to wait until a month or two after it releases or even longer. I will not be getting it on launch, because I simply do not have the money but I know I will get it eventually.

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