Saturday, 12 March 2011

Batman: Arkham City Coming October 18th

That's right, say goodbye to your friends for awhile because you will not be seeing them for a number of weeks. Batman: Arkham City has officially been announced for October 18th in the U.S., October 21st in the EU and October 19th in Australia.
Announced yesterday by Warner Bros., they said the highly anticipated sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum will be coming this October. Not only is this exciting that we now have a date to mark on our calenders but we also got some sweet screenshots with the announcement, which you can see below. 

Batman: Arkham City is the follow on from the award winning Batman: Arkham Asylum which was an amazing action packed game and possibly the best "superhero" video game to date. One thing that could have made this game even better then the first could have been online play, but unfortunatly we will not have any.

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