Saturday, 26 March 2011

FFXIV Servers Back Online

Due to the recent earthquake in Japan, Square Enix had to shut down their servers for Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, and PlayOnline. But good news people! They are back online. Yesterday the servers were put back up meaning a lot of people were relived that they can now play more online.

Square Enix apologized for having to take down servers but they explained that they had to take them down to conserve energy. They also went on to apologize for any inconvienence that may have been caused.
The servers which account for 11.6% of Square Enix’s Japanese office’s power went back online yesterday (March 25th, incase you didn’t know) at 4pm. Also services that were suspended on the PlayOnline website have also been restored and are now fully functioning.

However, Square Enix stated that they “may once again be required to suspend services in the event that the power situation worsens.”. This I am sure would be the last thing they would want to do as it might upset fans, but if they have to there is nothing really we can do about it is there?

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