Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hitman 5 Is Coming!!!

Yes, you read the title correct. Hitman 5 is finally coming back. IO Interactive (the developers of the Hitman series) have made some job listings revealing that they are working on a “Unannounced AAA action title”. The job listing also says the studio thinks this is the most exciting project they have worked on in the 10 years the company has been making games.
 A number of job listings have been posted on the IO Interactive official website and they are looking for a lead character design artist, game programmers and other various spots but it was the lead character design position caught people’s eye as this was in the post:
We are looking for an exceptional candidate to join our team as Lead Character Artist to complete one of the most exciting projects in IO Interactive’s more than 10 year history in videogames.

Could this be Hitman 5 that rumors have been going around the internet (and magazines for that matter) of the game being released sometime in the near future. The job listing also stated “We are prepared only to accept applications from the very best talent from around the world.” This shows that they are obviously taking the game very seriously and what game can you not afford to mess up, yes, Hitman.


  1. looking forward to it and hope they introduce new features for the game.

    I love the change of Splinter Cell COnviction, he was remade a total badass and the Co-op mode was dead amazing!

    Hoping for something similar! I'm not asking for 47 to be completely change, I just want him to be fast paced and more badasss!

  2. Ya, I mean I don't want him to change a lot but I hope that he is him usual-self but able to do a lot more. Both in the way he kills and also the way he acts, like maybe we are able to talk more.