Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Intercooler STS for Xbox 360 Slim Now Available

Today a super-slick intercooler for the Xbox 360 Slim has been released by Nyko Technologies. The brand new cooling system for the 360 slim increases the airflow away from the Xbox and will cool down your console while you enjoy your gaming experience.

Requiring no internal modification to the console, the new tech will automatically turn on the Intercooler’s fans when needed and will also keep cooling down the console when switched off and you are done with your gaming. Adapted through a USB port and requiring zero batteries the cooler attaches to the main vent and plugs right in. The Intercooler is also designed in black and chrome to match the sleekness of the Xbox 360 slim and looks very nice if I don’t say so myself. Here are some of the Intercooler’s features:

  • Fan Cooling System – Significantly increase the airflow away from the console providing an optimal environment for the Xbox 360 S.
  • TempSmart Technology - Temperature sensing technology automatically powers the cooling fans on and off as needed.
  • Easy Installation – Easily snaps onto the main vent of the console. No tools or internal modification needed.
  • Universal – Works with the console in vertical or horizontal position and fits easily into entertainment centres.

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