Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Live Blog: Nintendo's Satoro Iwata Keynote

The following is the live blog I wrote from today's keynote at GDC from nintendo. This is what I wrote over at 

16:59 I have made me some coffee.
17:04 Iwata comes on stage to cool music.
17:09 “Let me talk about the past 25 years” says Satoro
17:12 “Gamers now want games that cost 50 million to make, this is not bad. But what is good is the amount of new gamers we have today.”
17:13 I laughed when Iwata pronounced america like fez from That 70′s Show “Amedica”
17:15 Active American games have gained from 45% in 2007 to 62% in 2010
17:16 A lot of the growth is down to wii and ds
17:17 I dont want you to think nintendo is taking the credit for all of social gaming
17:21 “must-have” games and consoles are not easy to make
17:22 GTA, Sonic, Zelda, Angry Birds. Are some of the examples of “must-have” games
17:23 “mario has stayed popular because he always evolves”
17:24 Tetris was perhaps the first game to attract female video game players
17:26 the sims has sold over 125million copies, when it had people doubting it even had an audience
17:27 he is about to talk about how he learned his lessons. ooohhh.
17:29 they didn’t think a pink character floating in air would not sell. So they changed Kirby’s colour to white.
17:32 3ds pre-installed games were chosen “to compel social interaction”
17:35 Guess who just came on stage! Yes, that’s right Regie is here!
17:37 “3ds was built for gaming, but you can watch netflix via 3ds too.”
17:38 3d movie trailers, short-form video service and 3d video recording will all be on the 3ds!
17:41 There will be over 10,000 3ds wifi hot spots in america
17:43 Nintendo eshop will have wiiware, a virtual console and 3d Classic Games
17:45 This stuff will be out late may, not at launch
17:46 Iwata comes back on stage
17:48 Mario 3ds?
17:50 “we will give you this info at e3″ oh what a tease!
17:51 we get a look at zelda ocarina of time 3d
17:52 it will be released in June
17:56 Iwata has concerns about the industry “is having the best quality game the biggest concern?”
17:59 “We want our consumers to appreciate the value of software”
18:01 “we need to protect the value of quality over quantity”
18:02 “there is a simple solution, innovation”
18:04 “I have one question, why would we stop there. Goodbye.”
18:05 Iwata walks off stage to awesome music.
18:06 I breath with relief that I can now relax

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