Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New L.A. Noire Gameplay Video

Today at 5pm GMT Rockstar released a new gameplay video of their upcoming title "L.A. Noire". The video entitled "Investigation and Interrogation"  is just over 3 minutes long and shows once again how amazing the graphics are for this game.

The video starts off with you (cole phelps), as you can probably guess by the title, interrogating a man and this shows off the amazing facial recognition in the game. We also get a peek of some of the city when they showed some footage of a car driving through it and well, like the rest of the game, it also looks pretty good. But will it live up to GTA IV standards we will just have to wait and see. The gameplay footage is taken off of the ps3 and we are not sure if the quality will be as good on other system, but they will probably be very close.

You get to chose wether to believe,doubt or accuse a suspect of lieing when questioning them and you also have to search crime scences for clues such as murder weapons, fingerprints and so on. None of this is really new information because we knew already you had to search crime scenes and question people, but the video goes into a lot more detail on different things you can do. As your skill level rises you get help you may get promotions, help at crime scenes and also things like removing wrong questions while interrogating someone. Based on how you play things will influence how the story turns out, for example one wrong question to a suspect could lead you in a different direction and leave some information unfound.

Overall I thought the gameplay video is pretty good, it gives you a lot of detail on what you will be doing in the game and how things will work.


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