Tuesday, 29 March 2011

RAGE gets a book!

That’s right, today it was announced that Del Ray Books will be publishing a novel based on the video game RAGE. The book, which also happens to be entitled ‘RAGE’ will be wrote by the very same man who wrote game, Matt Costello.
The book will indulge you even further into the world and it’s characters, thanks to the author Matt Costello, and with the world doomed with barely any the population surviving, so they rounded up the smartest and best people in the surviving population and sent them beneath the surface of earth so as humanity could survive. Then a few years later Lt. Nick Raine emerges and finds that not all of humanity is gone, but only to find what was left over starting up their own new little world (sounding very fallout like).

ID Software are the people behind RAGE and they are also famous for their games including DOOM, QUAKE and Wolfenstein (just looking at some of their titles, I noticed they seem to like capital letters don’t they. Or should I say DON’T THEY).

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