Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Allods Online Releasing On May 11th

Recently we posted a few screenshots of the upcoming MMORPG “Allods Online” and said that it would be coming soon. Well, today the release date has been confirmed and it is coming May 11th. Also with the full game launching in May, Gala Networks Europe have said that anyone who played the beta and reached level 30 or higher will recieve a “Halo buff” and those who got to level 35 upwards will receive an extra award.

But of course with a release date comes more info on the game and in our previous article we wrote about ‘Kirah’ the new area in the upcoming game and today we have brand new information on it. Below is the description that Gala Networks Europe released:
A century ago, the tiny allod of Kirah was rich with the meteorite needed to transverse the vast Astral.  Hungry for advantage in their ongoing war against the Empire, the League army invaded Kirah, hoping to claim its resources as their own.  The Empire, however, put up a bitter fight, and after a night of fierce fighting, dawn rose on a bloody battlefield with many dead on both sides.  It was then, when both great armies were at their weakest, that tragedy struck.  The Astral itself seemed to tear open and begin devouring Kirah.  Demons flooded from the tear and destroyed entire armadas of fleeing ships.  When all was said and done, Kirah had been destroyed and a scant handful of survivors limped towards their home cities.

Not only do we have info and Kirah, but we also have brand new screenshots! Check them out here:

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