Sunday, 10 April 2011

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Some of you may know that this friday, April 15h, I will be traveling to Rome, Italy. With this comes both advantages and also some disadvantages. Advantages: as soon as I get back I will be writing about everything that I done, pictures and some comments on the city in general. Disadvantages however are that I will not be able to access the blog for 4 days (the time I will be in Rome). This means, no content unless I schedule it to go up on them days, which is what I am going to do so you will not lose out on days without content. 

I have one or two things planned to go up on the 15th and also on the 17th, giving you two other days without content. I will however make up for this with a big story on Rome and there will be pictures, a lot of pictures. 

Other then this everything will be normal up until Friday, I will be posting news and content from over at TheGamersHub. Also keep an eye out here tomorrow for a post on TheGamersHub magazine (which I appear in). The magazine is a round-up of the past months most popular content, reviews and features. But I will explain a lot more tomorrow for you. Until then.

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