Monday, 4 April 2011

Dead Island Trophies & Achievements Released

Recently making a big stir on the web, the achievements for Techlands “Dead Island” have been put up on the internet for all to enjoy. Today TheGamersHub brings you a list of 48 achievements, be warned however that some may be changed prior to release. The list revealed by a source close to the development team said that the trophies for the PS3 will be pretty much the same as the achievements for the xbox 360. So, without further a do, here is the list:
1. A taste of everything.
2. Ah! Spoiled meat!
3. Need a hand?
4. People person.
5. Gesundheit.
6. Going steady.
7. Road trip.
8. Right 4 life.
9. Oh, no you didn’t!
10. How many days exactly?
11. Humanitarian.
12. Knock, knock.
13. Cardio.
14. School of hard knocks.
15. Warrenty viod if used.
16. Gotta find them all.
17. 10 heads better than 1.
18. I want one of those.
19. Can’t touch this.
20. Steam punk.

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