Saturday, 23 April 2011

Rome Recap

Rome, oh how to begin. Well first off I think I am going to write very little and just post some pictures I took. I will of course write descriptions but other then that I will just write about the main stuff, nothing small.

The Colosseum below is the first major attraction I saw when I arrived in Rome. It took us about an hour to get from the airport to our hotel, it was of course dark but none the less the building still looked amazing.

Here are two pictures of the Colosseum, one from the outside and one from the inside. We got a tour of the Colosseum on the third day we were in Rome, and can I just say, WOW. I thought the building looked good during the night, during the day it is something else. We got a look at where they kept the animals and slaves for the fights and also learned that on the first day of the Colosseum opening 5,000 animals died, yes, in one day!

Ah, St. Peters Basicalla. Again WOW. The building (or should I say buildings) are amazing. I know all of it was payed for through money taken by corrupt priests and a corrupt church, but heh there is a price to be payed for beauty isn't there? The Basicalla surrounded by thousands of chairs at the time still looked amazing even though you are surround by thousands of people sitting on the floor, pushing you and shouting. Once you find a nice spot where you can take in the scenery, just look at the detail in some of the statues and in the building, it really makes you think that these people must have been really bored. Also I said I would add in the painting by Michaelangelo, most commonly know as 'the moment of creation'.

The Pantheon is the oldest catholic church in Rome and still looks amazing. Each pillar weighs 400 tons and would make a 10 ft man look like a midget standing next to them. The oculus (the hole in the ceiling) is well crafted and it is amazing to think that a gap of about 3cm is on the floor to take in all the rain that falls though it.

This building (I am not sure what it is called to be honest) was built by Mussolini and man it is big. With a monument placed out the front of the building with a man (it may be Mussolini, I wasn't really listening to the tour guide) on a horse and well I don't know the exact height but it was around a 15 story high building.

This picture I had to add. It was taken at a stall on our way back to the hotel on our last day from the catacombs. These are model toys build from coke cans, yes, nothing else but coke cans. We talked to the guy at the stall who was selling these (the cheapest being 25 euro) and he said he made them himself, but to be honest I doubt it. He looked dodgy, maybe he did make them or more then likely what he did was rob them off some kid with plenty of spare time.

To be honest, I could go into a lot more detail about Rome and the people but all you really need to know is three things.

1. If you like architecture or you are a fan of the renaissance, Rome is a place you have to visit! I mean you HAVE to go there.

2. Be prepared to pay, Rome is probably one of the most expensive places I have ever been. A bottle of coke and a slice of pizza will set you back around 8 euro.

3. The people are rude. You may be from a place that a car will stop and let you cross the road and people will say hi when they pass you, but not Rome. People will knock you down and they will swear at you in Italian out their windows and bump into you on the metro and tell you to go fuck yourself if you smile at them.

So the reason I think the place is great for architecture and art is because they had no friends to keep them occupied because they were probably ass-holes.

But I do recommend you visit Rome, just don't expect much from the people and watch your pockets!

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