Thursday, 30 June 2011

Calling All Irish Writers

This is a message to all you fellow irishmen(an women). TheGamersHub is hiring! And, I want more Irish people on the team. Simply because us irish are awesome. Anyone not irish reading this, don't get me wrong we are hiring anyone, but I am rooting for team Ireland.

At the moment there are only two people on the irish team for the site and I want more! If you have a passion for games, writing and of course want to potentially get into journalism as a full time career in the future, TheGamersHub is perfect for you. A site dedicated to gaming, tech and all the latest news, reviews and reaching 100,000's of people each month. This is the perfect way to get experience in this field so even if you have no experience at all. Apply for the job!

Check out all the details for the job/s here.

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