Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hitman: Absolution Screens and Info

With the Hitman: Absolution trailer getting leaked just hours before it was supposed to be shown by IO Interactive, we thought they would keep a lid on anymore information about it, but that is not the case.
Gamesmint have come out with massive amounts of information about the game and also five brand new screenshots. Reading the information below, I was excited for the game but now I cannot even contain myself.
  • 47 is more agile and easier to control, he’ll be able to grab on ledges and balance around edges.
  • The game will feature an integrated cover system integrated, human shields will also be making a return.
  • Hiding in dark corners makes 47 invisible to suspecting enemies.
  • Silent Assassin rating can be achieved by killing targets only, optimally the cause of the death should be accident.
  • The game will have a  film-noir flair to it.
  • Dynamic music, expect it to keep changing everytime you play a level.
  • Environmental objects can be used to dispatch enemies; Good examples are: strangulation with electrical cords, the good old chandelier and even a Bong.
  • Glacier-2 engine returns once again, using a crowd system to showcase dozens of people on screen.
  • Detailed graphics, fantastic lighting, fluid indoor/outdoor transitions will be on offer.
  • “Instinct” mode for casual players which can be turned off on higher difficulties.

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