Saturday, 23 July 2011

eBook's vs Print, which is better?

I know many people debate this from day to day, but I want to get a bit more of an understanding of it. To be honest, I don't read books A LOT but I do read before I go to sleep and so on. I would bring a book with me for a trip on the bus or train but other then these ocasions I don't go out of my way to make time during the day to read, I simply just do not have the time.

But the times I do read, I read an actual book rather then via Kindle, iPad or any of the other eBook readers. The odd time I read a book via my laptop, but that is as digital I get with books. I am just going to be blunt about it, I don't like eBooks. I find it a lot more satisfying having a thick book in the palm of your hands and getting that lovely smell of fresh pages every time you turn a page.
Agreed, eBooks are a lot more economical. But hey! You are paying practically the same for an eBook as an actual book. So why not get the genuine article?

While writing this I took a break to go to the shop and picked up the paper. In which I found an article describing a school in america bringing in iPads to replace school books. This is the only thing I would genuinly be excited for with eBooks. Relief on my bloody back from carrying school books around with me all day. But, the issue there is one thing. Schools in Ireland would not support that. If I wanted to go buy an iPad tomorrow and get all my school books by downloading them, even though they are the exact same as an actual book I would be told to leave it at home and get a 'proper' book.

I am telling you this right now if school's in Ireland, or anywhere else for that fact, would allow students to use iPads for school work students would do a lot more work. Ok, you will have the odd student playing games on it during class but surly there is a parental lock on an iPad? LOCK THE FUCKING GAMES!

This is more of a call out to the educational system in Ireland which will probably not allow this for many years to come. And when I tell my grandchildren of a world where we had to carry books in a bag with us from class to class I will expect to see horror plastered across their faces.

Overall, both print and digital have their pro's and equally, their con's. And to be honest for just reading plain oul' novels I think I will stick with print for the time being, that is until some stupid law probably makes them illegal.


  1. I have always seen ebooks as devices that you take with you on a train or a long flight to help pass the time.

    Paper books an the other hand are more something youd use while at home, work or school.

    I can use the internet on my phone, aswell as watch TV (and make phonecalls), but does that mean I dont need my PC or TV?

    Paper books are just better, I'd much rather own a physical item then something being stored on the 'cloud'.

    People argue that eBooks are more economical, and I think they say that cause some one told them one time. Paper that goes into books comes from sustainable forests and have done so for many many years. I willing to bet that the actual eBook reader made from plastics and other chemicals (not mentioning the packaging it comes in) is much more harmful to the environment then cutting down a tree (then replanting one).

    But to each their own.

  2. @KaM I agree with you on many things there. Although I would much rather have an eBook when it comes to school books. The books now weigh too much and really do take their tole on you after carrying them around on your back all day. Whereas having one device that has all you need on it and weighs only 5lb's at most.

    When it comes to the economical side of things with eBook readers I never actually thought of that. But then again if you were to pick up an iPad all of Apple's packaging is environmentally friendly, that of which is barely there because they dont use much packaging.

    Thanks for the comment, it's much appreciated.