Friday, 29 July 2011

Students buy student ticket for train and get fined, what?

I am writing this piece in response to an article wrote in the Irish Examiner by Eoin English last Tuesday the 26th of July. Read the story here: Iarnr√≥d √Čireann threatens teens with conviction

The teenagers in question, Chris Bohane and Tara McCarthy, are being brought to court by Irish Rail for buying a student ticket rather then an adult ticket. The pair are indeed college students and have valid student cards to which entitles them to a student discounted ticket.

The pair, from Cork, bought a student ticket at 45 Euro rather then the full price adult ticket. When on the train back from Dublin, in Mallow an inspector boarded checked their tickets and gave them an on the spot 100 Euro fine because they did not have the ‘correct student cards‘. Then they were informed they would have to pay the full 66 Euro fee for the ticket. Chris sent a bank draft of 50 Euro to cover the difference and Irish Rail sent it back to him telling him to pay in full.

Now the two teenagers are being brought to court by Irish Rail all because they had a different type of student card.

This is ludicrous. Really Irish Rail, are you that much of an arsehole? They still had a student card, in fact they have the Internationally recognized student card. Which is accepted in a lot of countries worldwide, but you have to be awkward and just because they got a cheaper ticket with ‘the wrong’ student card you have to penalize them?

I know times are hard for people here in Ireland, even companies. But when you start to do things like this to your customers you should expect them not to take it lightly. I, being a student myself and in fact a very regular customer, find it rather mind-boggling that you only accept one student card. Rather ridiculous if you ask me.

Ok yes, the two were warned when booking the tickets they needed the proper student cards, but Irish Rail should accept all student cards. And, it took 3 ticket checks to catch them. This is where I lose my sympathy for them, but I still do support them.

Chris and Tara have my backing on this.

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