Monday, 11 July 2011

Interview with TheGamersHub owner, Henry Macreadie.

For those who may not know, Henry Macreadie is the owner of TheGamersHub. As the News Editor of TheGamersHub I pulled a few strings and managed to get Henry for an interview, here is what went down when I caught up with him.

How are things?

Things are busy but great!

So for those who don’t know who you are, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Henry, I do many things in my time, one of which is running
TheGamersHub; and I come from the party town Eastbourne In England, note
the sarcasm.

So as the owner of TheGamersHub can you tell us about the sites

I’ve always had a soft spot for computer games from a young age, so me and
my good friend Dan made the choice to start a site. We first made it on a
free flash website creator and got really happy when we got 100 people on
in a week. We then found out that flash was not the way to go, we looked at
other sites around at the time like Beefjack (Where I used to work as a Community Manager), TheLostGamer (closed) and
TheSixthAxis. We spoke to a guy called AnthoAsho who ran his own site, he
created the first ever HTML based TheGamersHub which went live on July 27th
2009. He’s moved on to greater things now (I hope) but since then we found
a great web developer and server manager who’s been with us since. As a site it’s
settled in well providing great news, reviews, previews, blogs, videos and
now podcasts.

Where has the site come since it was setup?

It’s come from two people who knew nothing about website and content
management getting 100 views a week to a well-established website reaching
100,000’s of people a month with a fantastic team.

Tell us about the other people that make the site what it is today.

The team is what really makes the site; some of my local friends do the
editorial and website management duties. The main firepower of the site
comes from its global teams; all of which work because they love the games
industry. Many do it as a way of getting to bigger and better roles in the
industry (recently someone got a job at Destructoid). You can check out the
staff list here:

Where do you see the site going from here?

Not really sure, we’ll keep the site up and will continue to work on the
sites look and features but we never planned to compete with the big sites.

Did you ever think the site would get this big?

Never. Getting such a dedicated team all working together shocked me
enough. Then getting all the readers monthly is even bigger.

Describe a typical day for yourself.

My TheGamersHub life is slim at the moment due to other work commitments,
I mainly just log-in in the morning, have a flick through the content and
comments. Try and post some news up and plan some future content with the
staff, I also do some site PR.

What do you do for the site?

I edit and manage the content; I work with the staff to come up with
feature weeks and other interesting articles. I also work with the web dev
on new ideas. I do most of the UK PR; making sure the PR’s know about the
great work we do covering their games.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into the video game
journalism field?

Get experience and show interest. There are loads of great sites which
allow new people to get involved, it’s the best way to get work experience
and build a port-folio to send off to bigger sites and mag’s.  You could
always start your own blog and post reviews and news of games.

Tell us a bit about the UK Podcast.

The UK podcast is me and 3 other mates who live pretty close together, we
meet up in a basement and talk into a mic, I do the terrible scripted parts
so we stay on track and Lewis the Media Editor for the site hosts. You can
find it on iTunes, it releases every 2 weeks.

Now moving onto stuff a bit more personal…

What is your earliest memory of games?

My earliest experience would be watching my older brother play games. My
personal first console was the PS1, crazy right? I’ve used many of the
older ones but the PS1 was the first to make me invest.

So what games are you currently playing?

Urgh, I don’t get to play many games anymore; I do sit down to some
Minecraft when I can. (We need to get together for another Minecraft session by the way)

Favourite game of all time?

What an impossible question! I’ve always been a fan of games which have
some sort of gritty real story, not so much the weird fantasy ones. The
first ever GTA game I played was GTA London, which I loved; mainly because
of how the media reacted at the time. I’ll stick with that.

Do you got an iPhone? If you do, what’s your favourite app?

Best, SHAZAM by a long shot, never miss a great song off the radio now.

Favourite game to play on iPhone?

Currently playing Jenga. 59p of amazingness!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully working full time in the games industry!

In 10?

So rich I’d pay someone to answer this question for me.
(That is without a doubt the best answer I have received to that question to date)

Anything you would like to add?

Not really, just; if you want to get in the games industry, get involved
ASAP. Don’t wait around.

I just want to say thanks to Henry for doing the interview, also anybody who would like to break into the journalism career or even just be part of a great website like TheGamersHub, check out the available jobs for TheGamersHub here:

If you would like to suggest someone to interview, think you are interesting enough to be interviewed or would even like to interview me for your site/blog please get in contact at

Let me know what you thought of this interview in the comments below.

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