Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mafia 2 Review

Somewhere between robbing a jewellery shop and scrubbing a dirty urinal in prison I realised that Mafia 2 didn’t  really know what it was doing. I have played a lot of video games in my time but never have I come across a game that lets me scrub a dirty urinal. Mafia 2 goes from doing jobs for a mob boss to shooting guys and blowing up cars to being bent over on hands a knees with your face in some stinking urinal. Yes, apart from this the game is great, you play as Vito Scaletta, who to be quiet honest I did not grow that attached to. If anything you will probably grow more attached to Joe, Barbaro your best friend in the game. He shows more emotion in one scene then Vito does throughout the entire game to be honest. Not saying that I don’t like Vito but the game would have been better if you could connect with the main character more. Apart from some weird things you have to do during the game, scrubbing dirty urine being one, I cannot really fault the game a whole lot.

The city, Empire Bay, is fantastic, based on some major US city’s this is one of the best detailed video game world’s I have seen. Based in the 40’s & 50’s over the ten year span you get to see a lot around Empire Bay. In the winter time you may see the odd person skidding on ice and falling flat on there arse while all dressed up in scarves and big coats, while in summer people walk around in a nice t-shirt while enjoying some sunshine. With a variety of around 30 - 40 different cars you will be able to see the city in no time.

The missions in Mafia 2 are nothing that special, from car chases to selling cigarettes to shooting up a bar, there is nothing really here that you have not already seen in any other sandbox title before. While running around the city is fun, be warned as the cops may be after you pretty soon if you break the speed limit while near them, thank god for the speed-limiter otherwise you will probably be arrested or given a fine every few minutes. Even though speeding can get you into trouble with the coppers, apparently driving against on coming traffic and running red lights are perfectly acceptable. Even killing some random person on the side of the street, you can shake the police off within a couple of seconds with a simple clothes change.

Yes, the story is good, but has a lot of clichés and the characters may have some faults, but it is simply the city and the atmosphere are what bring Mafia 2 to life. Even day to day things are made fun in the world like simply filling your car with gas. After you fill up if you don’t want to pay simply get out of your car and go shoot the clerk and rob him then drive away like nothing happened, and even if the police do chase you just pop into the nearest clothes shop and rob them and get a new jacket and you will be fine.

Overall a good game, even though we don’t really see anything new except maybe a new city. But still worth playing if you are just waiting for something to be released in the next few weeks. Pick it up and with roughly 10 hours game play you should enjoy yourself. 6/10.

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