Thursday, 21 July 2011

My thoughts on Google+

So recently I got an invite to join google's latest attempt at trying to take Facebook's users and money, Google +.

To be honest, it will not 'kill' Facebook anytime soon. But it sure does have the potential. Without a doubt it does have the money that it can be anything it wants to be. Google + for me however is not a place for me to connect with my friends. It has become a place where I can connect with my tech buddies and fellow bloggers a lot more easier. I can share pictures faster then I can on twitter and I can share them with (like twitter) who is following me.

However, if I want to upload a picture for just one person to see, I can. With just one click of a button and not the endless task that it is trying to create a private album, upload the picture, make sure it is not visible to the wrong people, which it is on Facebook.

To be blunt about it, Google + needs a lot of people for it to function to the best of its capabilities. Until then, it is just another fail on Google's part. It has the functions that are all you need for a social network. Chat, Photos, video chat, circles ( the ideal way to keep your contacts separated) and much more. But what google isn't doing right now is appealing to the family & friends market. So far they only really appeal to those of us who use the internet for work or to keep blog or stuff like that. When I ask friends have they tried "google +" the most popular answer is "what the fuck is that?". Yes, my friends swear a fair bit, but granted most of them are Irish, it's pretty much expected.

I just realized I have now rambled on for about 10 minutes and gotten no where. With the release of the new iPhone app for Goolge + I should know a lot more about it soon. Then I think I will write a bit more in depth look at Google +. Until then, this is what I am stuck with.

Oh, remember to add me on Google +. Search: Dylan Varian.

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