Sunday, 10 July 2011

Support @HarryAlfieMusic

As you will have probably gathered by now, I was in Dublin last Thursday. Of course I was in Temple Bar at one stage and I just happened to come across the best buskers I have ever seen.

The buskers in question are an Irish duo called "Harry & Alfie". Harry & Aflie are brothers from Dublin and are pretty well known on youtube. I however did not know of them until Thursday and now I am obsessed.

While casually walking around Temple Bar I walked into Temple Bar Square to a big crowd and some loud music, so I decided to take a look and low and behold there were Harry & Alfie with another Irish duo from Wicklow, Mo Hat Mo GheansaĆ­.

I watched them for ages before realizing I had my camera, then I decided to film them playing their original song 'Chasing Rubies'. I watched in amazement as to how they are not signed yet, but somehow they are not. Check out the video of them performing Chasing Rubies:

Harry and Alfie are currently raising money to make their EP and they have a lot of cool things on offer for those who donate. For all details on how to download their music, contact them, follow them on twitter and of course donate to their EP visit

Please do everybody a favor and support them. They are raw talent and not the Auto-tuned top of the charts that we have today.

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