Monday, 29 August 2011

2 Years To Change My Life

So it begins. Everyone is back to school now, including myself and this I find is the worst part of the year. Not because I have classes to go to, but because of the weather. Every year when students head back to school the weather becomes inevitably brilliant. It hasn't been below 20 degrees where I am in the last week, and if you are from Ireland, this is a heat wave! But of course I will not be able to enjoy the weather because I am stuck inside learning how an oxbow lake is formed or which is the biggest river in the world.

This year is a big year for me though. I am entering 5th year. For those of you not familiar with the tragedy that is the Irish educational system, 5th year is the 2nd last year of school before college.

Everyone has said to me that 5th year will be hard, and I don't doubt them. I have looked at my books. They are huge, complex and not a picture in sight for miles. Teachers of course for the first few days don't really do much except tell you how much they want to get done by a certain time and they want you to work hard and they go through their usual speal that I have heard for the past 10 years of my life.

This is not actually my classroom, just thought I would let you know that useless piece of information.

Apart from the teachers and books, this year really is important. Not only am I preparing for the biggest exam of my life at the end of these next two years but I will be determining the rest of my life in them also. Now to some of you this may seem ok. But to me that is a quiet daunting fact. Over the next two years I can determine whether or not I will make it in life. Seems like a lot of pressure for someone who spends their spare time either blogging, playing video games, hanging with friends or busking on the streets of Cork.

But the real question here is, can I handle the pressure? I hope I can. You will all hear about my progress over the next two years no doubt about it. I will be blogging, not as much, but I will be here.

For now however, it is time to go outside and soak in what sunshine is managing to breakthrough the clouds.


  1. I feel and understand your pain...

  2. @EvanSmith are you gone back yourself?

  3. @Dylan365v Wednesday now. Oh the joy... 5th year's gonna be so much fun. :L

  4. @EvanSmith Ah the joys of it eh?

    I did literally nothing for 4th year so I badly need to get back into study and things. I genuinly can't remember what homework looks like.