Wednesday, 10 August 2011

3 hours of cut-scenes will be in Arkham City

On a listing spotted by the guys over at NowGamer, it appears Batman: Arkham City will have around 3 hours of cut-scenes in it.

The listing on the bbfc website shows 165mins of runtime (cut scenes) will be in the game and also shows the game has recieved an age 15 rating in the UK. With an extended cast in the upcoming sequal to Arkham Asylum it looks like Arkham City is shaping up to be a real contendor for game of the year. We can only wait and see.

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  1. With close to 3 hours of footage, you're easily looking at a film in it's own right, I hope they attempt to cross into the films as with The Matrix franchise, This wasn't on my list to get, but even wading through that much footage, has kindled my interests, heavily looking forward to this now.

  2. @djd001 I wasn't really a fan of Batman at all until somebody recconmended I get Arkham Asylum. As soon as they announced Arkham City I knew I would be picking it up on day 1. And now with 3 hours of cut-scenes I cannot wait. Especially since there is a lot of games coming out these next few months I know I will get value for money when trying to save up to buy the rest.

    As for the movie integreation, it's interesting. But for now I think they should stay seperate. Movie games never really turn out great. But if these guys worked on it that may be different.