Monday, 8 August 2011

40 minutes of Skyrim gameplay released

At the recent QuakeCon fans got to take a look at 40 minutes of gameplay from Skyrim. Of course, it was filmed and has now been uploaded to youtube. The bad thing about this is simply quality of video and sound. Video is bad and constant cheering from fans is a bit of  throw off but if you look past all of this, you get to see an amazing 40 minutes of gameplay.
Bethesda has revealed that a HD version of the video will be released soon. So keep an eye out for that here. But in the meantime, here is what you have to deal with:

*EDIT: The video of the footage has been taken down due to copyright, when it releases officially I will post it so sign up to my mailing list (which is to the right of this post) to make sure you get to see the video when it goes live*

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