Monday, 22 August 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie Review

Like most, when I got word that there was to be an inbetweeners movie released this August I got very excited but then all of a sudden quite nervous. As we have all seen all too much in the past sitcoms making the jump to the big screen. After being to see the movie now however, I need not have worried at all.

Picking up from where season 3 ended, The Inbetweeners Movie see’s Simon with his brand new girlfriend Carly. However Carly soon dumps him and so the four boys we have come to know and love set off on a lad’s holiday. One thing I know people were worried about when the show moved to the big screen was it going too ‘Hollywood’. Don’t worry, the writers have taken a brilliant thing we like to call ‘British comedy’ and basically told Hollywood to go fuck itself in this movie. There is a brilliant slow-motion seen with rock music near the beginning when the lads enter the airport to get their flight and it is your typical Hollywood scene but then the music comes crashing down and we find out the flight has been delayed for seven hours.

Moving on from the whole ‘Hollywood’ thing. The four boys head off, eventually, on their “shooting clunge in a barrel” holiday as Jay delicately puts it. Being pretty predictable at points, the movie does have that one downside, but this does not mean the movie isn’t great. In fact if I think the movie is better than The Hangover, not the tragedy that was The Hangover 2, but the original Hangover.

Whilst on their tragedy of a holiday they keep bumping into four sympathetic girls who they eventually end up hanging out with for most of the movie. Now with four more added to the team (kind of) the movie just gets better as you see the boys trying to get in the girls pants’ and failing miserably for the most part. Plenty jokes come along due to the above dilemmas they face, amongst other, and the movie turns out brilliant.

Being spoken in a crude language that only the targeted audience can really understand. The boys holiday is anything but fun for them. It is simply a tragedy which is what makes everyone love them in the first place. The movie is tragically funny and most of all full of The Inbetweeners magic. Definitely worth a watch. 4/5.

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  1. I thought this was one of the funniest films Ive seen in ages. And truly one of the best British films Made in recent years. Such a shame it's all over now :(

  2. @Wonderfulwest the writers have said that they may bring it back for a 4th series... still unconfirmed though.