Monday, 19 September 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011 Review

All I hear about sports games are people complaining that they are get very little updates, the biggest thing that seems to change, sometimes, in them is the roster. But when you wait for four years for a game and you get essentially the exact same thing but with a little change to the graphics see how pissed off fans will get then.

This is basically what Rugby World Cup 2011 is, it’s Rugby 08 moved from PlayStation 2 to PS3. Half of the players are not in the game due to licensing so the authenticity really is none existent. It seems to me that the guys over at HB Studios didn’t put much effort into this. At parts of the game it just looks like they deleted the Six Nations, Tri-Nations and all the other modes from Rugby 08, improved the graphics (barely) and sent this game out the door to make a quick buck from the World Cup. Read More >>>

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