Monday, 26 September 2011

A time for change

A week ago I started using a number of fitness apps. I downloaded an app called “Couch to 5K”, the lite version of course I am not made of money, along with “MyFitnessPal”. When downloading these I planned on getting fit and eating healthier. One week ago I weighed ten stone (that’s 140lbs to my American readers). Some of you reading may think that is not exactly a lot, but I am so unfit at this stage it is unreal.

At the end of this I hope to be a bit more active and instead of coming home to a chocolate bar and coffee, maybe I will come home to an apple of and coffee, I am not giving up coffee for the record. Are you mental? Being someone who is busy a lot of the time I tend to go for the quick option when it comes to food, rather then the healthy option. I am going to be honest when someone asks me did I get my five a day, I think of five hours of internet usage and not fruit. I drink diet coke an awful lot. I probably drink a litre a day. Last Monday I ate and apple (are you proud?) and now I drink water and coffee instead of diet coke and coffee. 

(Side note: Next week I have a post about coffee, so keep an eye out for that.)

One week ago I weighed 140lb, my goal is 135lb and also just to be fit. I will keep all posted.


  1. Lol, I was killing myself on coke for yrs, and then coffee, now im down to 3 coffees a week and only had 5 cokes in teh last 6 months, my junk food has cut by half but i need to cut more soon, i'm unfit too but working on it slowly, mite try zumba for kinect when i get it off my sister.

    I played kinect sports (boxing) with my kids on the weeknd and im aching today which is da gud muscular pain, ive also started cycling again but weathers not helpin, i was 11 stone, no i think im 3lbs less, so gud luck and feel where your coming from, looking forward to ready more.

    Actually, life was so busy i gave up gaming for 3 months (and had to stop posting for now), just finished dues ex HR and now started Gears 3 on Sunday thus tryn to get sum sanity back, lol.

    Dats just a summary but wanted you to know, your not alone mate, hope this means something ;)

  2. @JustaGamer Nice! I may just take out my Kinect again and try and use that in the space I have... let's hope it works.

    Thanks for the comment man!