Monday, 17 October 2011

Childhood, the legality system and a whole lot of randomness...

The Lion King. Many of us remember it, but maybe some of you don’t. If you are one of the few that don’t I am going to presume you are rather young. It released originally back in 1994, 17 years ago. But it released just last weekend (in Ireland) in 3D. This got me thinking about how quick life goes by.
The Lion King released the year I was born, and here I am 17 years later going to see it again. For those of you wondering, no I didn’t bring a child to see it or anything I went with 2 other teenagers and yes, we were the oldest in the cinema, but who cares. I loved that movie when I was a kid and if anything, I loved it even more when I went to see it last week.
But the main point of this post is about time really. Seventeen years has passed and it only seems like yesterday I was celebrating my tenth birthday! Next year I will be legally an adult, this year I am legally allowed drive a car and then in three years I will legally be allowed drink in America. I said the word ‘legally’ a lot there simply because we all know there is places that don’t take the law all that seriously. I won’t name names, but Ireland is definitely one of those places. Apart from England where there is a law for everything. Here in Ireland we are a bit more lax about things. The Comedian Dara O’ Briain puts the Irish legality system very well in one of his routines when he says that we have three stages.
  1. That’s grand.
  2. Ah now, don’t push it!
  3. Right! Your taking the piss! (this is where the police sweep in).
I just read back over what I have written and it is amazing how off topic I can get. Oh A.D.D how I love you. Anyway… My childhood is essentially over. A lot of you are much older then me and are thinking this kid is being depressing but I am not saying I am sad about it. In fact, I am rather glad. I have wanted to be an adult for quiet a long time and for someone who has been able to grow a beard since the age of fifteen you tend to get treated like an adult a fair amount, that is until you shave and then everyone thinks you’re a miserable teenager up to no good just wondering around their shop waiting for the moment to pounce and rob them. This brings me back to how teenagers are treated and for someone who looks old enough I can tell you when I have a beard (or any form of facial hair) I tend to get treated better. Saying all of this, I did get some rather strange looks when walking out of the cinema with a Lion King 3D poster….
This post is a bit all over the place to be honest. I sat down with nothing to write about, I seen my Lion King 3D poster hanging on my wall proudly and decided to lead with that. It has essentially gotten me nowhere and you have just witnessed what it is like to be in my mind for a few minutes. You should count yourself lucky that I didn’t venture off too far, because any of my friends reading this can tell you my mind goes to some rather strange places.

This Friday however I am going to a 21st birthday party, this is when the Irish legality system (which I mentioned above) will work in my favour as I try and by alcohol at my cousins birthday.
Next Monday you will have an interesting read.

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