Monday, 3 October 2011

The Coffee Fixation

Like in last week's post, I warned you all that this was coming. My love for coffee is somehting well known amognst my friends, but it's not really something my internet friends (you) may have known.

I drink, on average, two to three cups of coffee a day. Somedays it's less and others it's more, it all depends on how late I need to stay up really. Unlike the phenomenon that seems to have taken over America, here in Ireland we drink plain and simple coffee. Although saying that we do tend to have the odd cappucino. But this seems to be the most adventerous us Irish get when it comes to our cups of java. Yes, the odd time I may add some whip cream to the top of my coffee, but apart from that it's still just some coffee grains, sugar and milk.

This amount of coffee is probably not good for me, really anything that tastes good never really is good for you. Now that I want to start being a bit more healthy I think I should cut down on my java intake. One cup a day should suffice for the time being (just for the record I am drinking my first cup today whilst writing up this post).

Many of you probably don't drink coffee, but replace the word 'coffee' with 'tea' and I have just covered all of my british readership. Something you may also find strange is I am a teenager who drink's coffee, we are a rare group so be honoured you have found one. We are like leprechauns except we won't give you gold when you find us, we are more likely to shout abuse at you (that is a reference to my post two weeks ago which you can read here).

For those of you who do enjoy your daily cup of joe, what type do you drink? Let me know in the comments below!

Make sure to keep an eye out next Monday for a new post about me and my friend's music and the process we go through to get a video for youtube filmed, recorded, edited and uploaded. But until then get tweeting, facebooking and emailing this post on to your friends as it helps the cravings for coffee go away =)


  1. Mate, I was only big time coffee last year. It was helping me get thru 10+ hrs of work per day (IT support from everything to everything) so I would hit the local starbucks 1st thing in the morning, grab a Venti Coffee Frapucino, come to work, then have maybe 3 more coffee's thru the day (standard nescafe but lots of coffee + sugar), then sometimes another in the evening. I was somedays having 2x Frapucinos from Bucks per day.

    Now, I enjoy coffee but it hits me hard thus worked as a stimulant, but 4 months later, it has less effect and then u keep adding more. I cleaned up earlier this year. Stopped the fizzy cokes & pepsi's too. Now I enjoy up to 5 coffees per week, but only in the morning. Sometimes I have only 3 in the week. And it's much better to sit back and enjoy it as a beverage rather then use it as a stimulant.
    That was my bit anyway. Just wanted to say, coffee is a wonderful drink but too much takes a toll on your body and the body starts to crash hard leading to more cups in the day to the point where you don't even feel it anymore.

    Now, I tend to enjoy it a lot more as its become an occasional thing rather than a reliant.

    In my opinion, one a day in the morning is the max anyone shud have, whichever style or type.
    After all, you know what they say about having too much of a good thing ;)

  2. @JustaGamer totally agree man! I have cut down a bit now, only having one a day (on weekdays) and nothing on the weekend. So far I am not really craving it so everything is going well so far!