Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Laura Whitmore breaks a move with Dance Central 2

Laura Whitmore, MTV host and music lover, was in Dublin today to show her support for the launch of Dance Central 2.
Laura said: “Dance Central 2 is the next level; not only is it great fun, it’s a game for everyone. It’s got a killer soundtrack that spans pop, hip-hop and R&B. Trust me; anyone can show their moves on the dance floor with this game. You are the controller; and you won’t just learn the dance moves, you’ll own the dance floor! You’ll get so immersed in the game you won’t be able to stop dancing and its great too for burning off some calories.”
Fan much Laura? Needless to say Dance Central 2 would do well, even without Ms Whitmore's support, but it is nice to see that even people off that telly box like to do what we do! 


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