Monday, 31 October 2011

This is how I write...

An email which I get at least twice a week is:

‘How do you come up with the topics to write about?’ or

‘How do you go about writing a post?’.

It’s pretty simple really, anything that may happen to me in life or anything that comes to mind, I write about it. A few weeks ago I wrote about how teenagers are treated, I got that idea from what a teacher of mine said. Don’t tell her that though, she might think I pay attention. I also wrote about study, which was something on mind and next week I have a post about substance abuse and drugs, that is something we got a talk on in school by the police the day I am writing this post.

One thing which I find great is my iPhone. When I think of something, for example the whole teenager debacle, I will take out my phone and write down a word or two to help me remember when I go back and look at it later. If you look at my notes now all you can see is: Teenagers, music, children, study, structure of a post, drugs.

If the police ever get their hands on my phone, this is going to be very hard to explain. One thing though which I never do, is go looking for something to write about. I think it’s much better when they are something that is currently on my mind rather then having to force myself to write about it. Also it does help when I have a topic rather then just sitting and writing whatever comes to mind, simply because I get off topic easily.

After I get a topic, that is when I sit, drink coffee and then write about it. I never really decide how long a post will be, it just ends really when I have nothing else to say on the topic and if I ever think of anything after the post goes live…that is another post that I can do.

But for now, I shall see you all next week.

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