Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tropico 4 Review

Tropico 4 is a game which I would normally just bypass considering the amount of amazing games coming out soon. But in actual fact once I got playing, I couldn't put it down.

Based on an island, called Tropico (I bet you would have never guessed that), you take the role as the dictator of the lovely little island of yours. You get building to please the needs of your people, they ask for a church, I build them a Cathedral, they ask for more entertainment, I build three pubs, a nightclub and a casino. I came into this game having not played any of the previous titles and I was pleasantly surprised. The game is about pleasing the people. If they like you, you will stay in office. If they don’t like you, build an army base or three and start shooting all the rebels.
Since this is mainly a PC game I was really happy with the step over on to Xbox 360. The controls fit well, but the graphics at times tend to be a little glitchy. When a hurricane or tsunami heads towards that beautiful city you just spent hours building from scratch you can’t help but fear for what you are now going to have to rebuild...but that fear soon goes away when the wave picks up speed, stops, goes again and then after two minutes reaches the shores of Tropico only wiping out one pub and a church, whilst also leaving a big ass boat in the middle of the town.

Honestly though, I can’t fault the developers Haemimont Games too much. The game is good. I would go to sleep thinking about what I could build next on my island and how I could generate more income and I would wake up and then put those thoughts into motion. It has been awhile since I have gone to sleep thinking about what to do next in a game. So Haemimont Games obviously did something right.

The game, which had me addicted from building my first immigration office so I could control those pesky foreigners, deserves a 6.5/10 and definite must play.

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