Monday, 28 November 2011

Religion in schools being forced...

Any of you from Ireland will definitely understand where this post is coming from. But since most of my readership is from both America and the UK I will explain from the start.

Ireland, as you all know is not a country that follows rules very well, but we did manage to get caught up in the whole bible thing a bit. Since we got caught up in all of that, schools were built which were run by the Catholic Church and they tend to, as expected since it is a school run by priests, drive the whole pray to god or you will go to hell kind of thing. 

In my town however the only secondary school (high school for you Americans) in the town is non-denominational, meaning it is not run by any religion and anyone of any religion or ethnicity can attend there. However, when we go to religion class the walls are covered in posters of quotes from the bible, pictures of Jesus, the ten commandments and rosary beads are hanging on the wall next to a cross with Jesus Christ hanging on it. Then the teacher starts to bless herself and tells the class of 23, with three atheists (including myself), about 15 agnostics and the rest catholic, to say the hail Mary.

I don’t know about you, but as a very strong non-believer of the whole the man in the sky will punish you if you don’t live like his son even though he killed him, I got very annoyed when the teacher then turned to me and genuinely asked me why I didn’t join in and kind of gave out to me for explaining that I was atheist. Ever since that class she gives me a dirty look as to say, I hope the big imaginary shiny man in the sky punishes you and I hope you suffer in life, and also she now treats me like a piece of dirt in the class. Just because I don’t have the same beliefs as her (along with 80% of the class) she still gives me them looks everyday when I refuse to join in the prayer. 

I personally think that it is a disgrace that a teacher should be allowed do what she does, especially in a non-catholic school. She is entitled to her beliefs, but I don’t recall that being a part of the curriculum that you single out a student and treat them badly because they have a mind of their own. Isn’t that really what school is about? To encourage students not to go with the crowd and do what YOU believe in? Well that’s what I believe in. I believe that there is no God and that the whole Catholic Church are a lot of scum, but you don’t see me walking around school walking into classes and giving out to people because they believe in an after life and a higher power. 

I am not really sure whether I am right in this situation, but hopefully I am not alone on this matter. Do you think teachers should be allowed do this? Let me know in the comments below or email me.

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