Thursday, 17 November 2011

Siri may be on its way...

A week or two ago I wrote a post about how I wanted Siri, the voice controlled assistant for the iPhone 4s, to come to other IOS devices so I could enjoy being more organised by simply telling my phone to text people for me or to remind me I have to catch a train at two o' clock.

Well according to a post on one of wired's blogs, this could happen a lot sooner than later. The blog 'Gadgetlab' wrote about how programmers around the world are currently working on how to get this to work. They are not currently there just yet, but they are getting closer and closer by the second. 

Let's hope the guys can work their programming magic and get Siri to me as soon as possible! This is why I love hackers (the white hat kind), because they make things like this happen and they put their knowledge towards something good, unlike those who hack things and steal money or do it just to cause disruption.

Anyway, go read all about how the hackers are getting along in 'The Quest to Put Siri on all iOS Devices'

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