Monday, 7 November 2011

Why can't I have Siri....

A few weeks back, shortly after its release, I downloaded IOS 5 for my iPhone 3GS.

Now, as soon as I mentioned the iPhone, I know you Blackberry fans are now cringing at the thought. Well I apologise, because today’s post is all about IOS 5.

Not that much has changed except the graphics and the way you get notifications. But all in all, I am still impressed. The ease at which you can get to certain notifications is brilliant, and helps me a lot to get through twitter replies and emails. One thing however which I find great is ‘Reminders’. For someone who is constantly on the go between school, blogging, band practice, hanging out with friends and work, I always forget things. I now track homework, meetings, deadlines, songs to learn and many other things through this one app.

It’s true what they say, iPhone users love their phone, I hardly go anywhere without it so to have a thing to remind me now that is always with me is extremely helpful.

A big let down however is that the 3GS did not get ‘Siri’. I have always wanted an assistant, so Apple this is something you need to fix. I want to ask my phone how many Irish men it takes to drink a pub dry.

Overall, a good update. But I would have liked more, we are never happy with what we get are we?

See you all next week!

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