Monday, 12 December 2011

Front row seats..

First off, those of you who don't follow me on twitter go do that now because if you don't well then this post is going to be coming a bit out of the blue.

Away from shamelessly plugging myself, if you have read any of my tweets recently you will know that last Monday I booked tickets to go see Irish comedian, Dara O'Briain, live at the Marquee in Cork next June. Any of my friends will tell you Dara is without a doubt my favourite comedian..followed closely by Michael McIntyre. Dara however tops the poll for two reasons:
1. He is a gamer.
2. He's Irish. (No...that is not racist.)

However not only did I get tickets to his show I managed to get the best tickets in the house, bang smack in the middle of the front row. This will be my second time seeing Dara live, the other time was, again, at the Marquee in Cork but last year. 

I do have a bit of an obsession with comedy. I watch all the comedy panel shows, the stand up shows and I go to a few comedians live the odd time. The year before I went to see O'Briain I went to see Tommy Tiernan live at the Marquee where he actually filmed his DVD 'Bovinity'.
My seats for Tiernan's show however were not the best. I was off to the side and blocked by a giant's head. Lucky for me though I could watch it all back on Tommy's DVD.

To be honest I was very busy this last week and was struggling to find anything to find the time to write for the blog, so I decided to give you that little story of how I managed to get the best seats in the freaking house!!!

See you guys next Monday, I promise I will have something better for you to read. In the meantime go watch this clip of Tommy Tiernan mock the Cork accent...yes I sound like this:

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