Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Good President?

“There is to be a constitutional convention in the new year – which I fully support – and it is at this forum that matters such as the (religious) oath (for becoming President) ought to be examined. It is of great importance that the Presidency and all surrounding it ought to be fit for purpose for a modern state with a population comprising a large number of different religious beliefs as well as none.”

-Michael D. Higgins,

For those of you who don't know I referred to my beliefs in a post I did recently and whilst researching the word 'athiest' I came across the above quote. For once, something took me by surprise. When I read what Michael D had said I for once thought that we may have not voted for the least idiotic of all the idiots in the recent election.

As of yet there has been nothing done or really said about changing the oath but if Michael D. Higgins does change it in his time in office he will definitely be up there with some of my favourite people. For someone to really tell the Catholic Church to go, to put it nicely, piss off I have the utmost respect for him. Let's just hope that he does change it and soon because that is what we need. In a country that now has many other religions and people with none at all, myself included, I will happily say that I have waited for something like this to happen for quite some time now.

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