Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dungeon Defenders Review

I got addicted to Dungeon Defenders when it came out on PSN, check out below why.

There are many games out there that are more enjoyed with the company of others, this is one of them. Dungeon Defenders was meant to be played with more than one player. Whether you go grab some of your friends and bring them to your house for some magical tower defense or you jump online and play the game with random strangers, it will still be a lot more enjoyable with them then it is on your own.

The game is a tower defense and was designed to be enjoyed with four players. You can try and face it on your own but as the amount of enemies increases every level, you will die within a few rounds. 

The aim is to protect your crystals. Early on you are given one to protect, but as the game progresses you are given multiple crystals to defend from your enemies, this is why you need more than one player. During each wave of enemies the player is given the chance to level up and setup different defences around the level, which will come ever increasingly important as the game gets harder and harder. Each of the four characters brings something unique to the table so choose wisely from the Apprentice, the Monk, the Squire and the Huntress. I gave each a go, but I the Squire was my favourite and it is probably the best there.

If you do manage to get yourself a nice little group that you can play with, just like I did, you will soon realise that this game is rather addicting. If it wasn't for other games I had to play for review I would have played this all day. Even as I write this sentence I am staring at my PS3 and I know that the amazing online mode is just there waiting for me. I honestly can't get across the importance however it is to play with others. If you play alone it will eventually get boring and frustrating and you will end up hating a game that is actually brilliant, in the right circumstances.

Overall the game is brilliant. The plot, to be honest, is pointless and irrelevant and even with that I still love the game. All I will say is find three friends, pick up the controller and I will see you when you come out of your game-room, that's if you ever do. Dungeon Defenders gets a 7/10

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