Monday, 6 February 2012

Blogging For Work Experience

Now that we are all in the economic climate that we are in, we all are finding it hard to get jobs. One thing which I am hearing a lot of recently is “get work experience”, you know what I would, if they would give me it. 

The advantage of being in school at the moment is we have a program where we are sent out on work placements to places where we know we will never end up. Supermarket managers make us stack shelves, school teachers tell us teach the five year olds how to spell “cat” and we all get pretty sick of it. This is what happens to you if you are too lazy to go and actually look for some decent work experience and push until you get it. Some determination never goes a stray. That is why this week I am currently sat at home in my kitchen/office working online from home. This is without a doubt the best work experience I think you could have, basically being self employed. Whilst the others are all off chasing toddlers in nurseries and cleaning up dog do at a kennel, I am working for a company in Ireland, England, America and a tiny piece of Australia.

Not only is this good to put on my CV but whilst news is slow during the morning while the American pr folk are asleep, I get time to work on my blog. This means good posts are coming in the next few weeks for you. For example I went into town this morning to get coffee at ten am and I seen something which I will be writing about shortly after I finish up this post. You will get to see what I am referring to next week. But until then I will see you all next Monday.

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