Friday, 10 February 2012

PS Vita launching with over 200 titles?

In a post today on the US PlayStation Blog Jeff Rubenstein, Sr. Social Media Manager, has said that from day 1 users will be able to download 275 PSP titles to their Vita. After taking a glance at the list we can confirm that there is some pretty good games on there.
The console which has 26 games set for launch now essentially has around 300. Not too shabby of a launch title selection if you ask me. The PSP games won’t come free of course, you will have to pay for them but if none of the Vita titles were appealing to you (and you would be mental if you said they weren’t) you can download a PSP game to play with until something releases that you do want. Check out the post on the US Playstation Blog for the full list of titles and let us know what you think of this whole story.

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