Saturday, 11 February 2012

Yesterday Preview

A couple of days back I got an email about the game Yesterday with some screenshots attached. I was initially impressed and wanted to see more of the game. I got the chance to see more when the guys from Pendulo studios contacted me asking if I wanted to preview the game. The answer of course, was yes.

The preview build which I got a hold of was for the first chapter of the game. You get to play as two of the charters in the game; Henry White, a smart rich kid, and his friend Cooper, who is a jock. 

Both Henry and Cooper work for a charitable organisation who take care of homeless people by providing food and shelter, so when Henry sets off into a dark tunnel in New York to try and find some homeless people to help it soon takes a nasty turn and he is being held at gunpoint by a crazed lunatic and his, not so smart, sidekick. Along the way there will be plenty of pointing and clicking your way through the tunnel to try and get a message back to Cooper who is watching the van you arrived in, which I guess is the least you expect from a point and click adventure game. Whilst the story started out rather nice and happy within the first few minutes of this game you see that things are about to get really dangerous and things turn really dark and sinister.

You spend most of the game wondering around looking for various things to add to your inventory. Once they are secure on your person you begin thinking of different ways to combine the different items you have picked up on the way to try and get on to the next part of the level, whether that be finding a way to pick a lock or trying to un-lodge a suitcase from a pile of rubble, there is plenty for you to do in the first chapter of the game. The first chapter consisted of about twenty to thirty minutes of gameplay, so it all depends on how fast you can think on your feet and try and piece everything together in this amazing thriller. 

However if I was to complain about anything in this game it would be the fact that there is no voice acting. When the players speak speech bubbles appear next to their face like in a comic book, which comes across very strongly as to what the developers were trying to do, and you expect to hear audio, but you don’t. Maybe this is something Pendulo intend to include in the final build but I highly doubt they would do that now with only a month until the games release. The quality of picture itself is something on a different level. You get a real sense of how much the designers loved comic books and graphic novels and if you are a fan of them yourself, then you will love what Yesterday has to offer. 

When Yesterday comes out this March make sure to keep an eye out for it. It’s looking like it will be a good one. Check out the official Yesterday website for more details.

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