Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Public transport is horrible

Traveling is something which I do nearly everyday. Be it bus, car or train I am doing some form of transport everyday. But today I am here to talk about the bus service here in Ireland. It is without a doubt, terrible. I know most people think that a lot of public transport is bad, but the state of bus travel here in Ireland is just awful.

To give you an example of what it is like here I will tell you my experience from a few days ago. I went to the bus stop to get the 4:25 bus and I arrived at 4:15. I was waiting there and when it turned 4:25 the bus had not arrived. I didn't think too much of it because there is normally a bit of traffic around this time due to schools finishing. But when it turned 4:45 and then 4:50 and it wasn't actually 4:55 until the bus arrived I started to get really annoyed. I needed to get to a town, that is a twenty minute drive in a car, by 5:30 so I was really struggling for time. I got on the bus and then was charged €10 for a one way ticket, for twenty minutes travel, I don't know who does the maths when it comes to working out prices but they need to be fired. Then to top it all off the bus took an extra forty minutes to get to the place that is twenty minutes away, not due to traffic but due to a driver being afraid to go anything above thirty miles per hour. 

If I was to get a train, which I can't from the locations I was going so I was stuck with bus, it would have arrived within a few seconds of the time it says it will and would only charge me €5 for the same distance travel. It is actually frightening how bad the bus service is here in Ireland. I am not having a go at the buses due to this one bad experience because I have had this happen to me more then twice. 

The buses need to be improved, and fast. Either that or will IrishRail please build more stations around the country so I can stop using buses all together. What do you think about your public transport? Let me know in the comments or fell free to email me dylan365v at gmail dot com.

I will talk to you all during the week.

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