Monday, 30 April 2012

It's A JustEat Night

Most Friday evenings after I get home from all my classes I tend to throw all my class work aside and focus on my actual job. My Friday evenings mainly consist of a few things.These are:
  • Doing emails.
  • Writing up articles for future blog posts.
  • Doing emails.
  • Checking up on twitter.
  • Reading articles on other websites to get some inspiration, etc.
  • Doing emails. (I get a lot of emails).

As you can see there is not that much room for anything else as I pretty much do all of the above until I got to bed. So I find it very hard to get even in some time to eat, never mind cook a full blown meal. The time is just not there for me to cook anything so I tend to go with the easy options and make a pot noodle or make a quick sand which, which lets face it is absolutly crap when trying to fill up after starving for most of the day.

I came across a website called JustEat a couple of months ago, but never really used it because very few places in my town were actually signed up on it, so there simply wasn't many options. After time JustEat is after becoming a lot bigger, rightly so, and with expansion comes more variation in food places. About three weeks ago for the first time ever I decided to go back to and order food. I ordered my food whilst I was doing work, not having to leave the house or even glance in the direction of my phone because it could all be done at the click of a button.

You can chose to pay by credit card or cash, I chose cash. But to think that you don't even need to pay the delivery guy when he gets to the door amazes me. It just shows how amazing technology is. Not we don't need to count out the change at the door whilst the delivery guy roots around for ten minutes looking for change and you eventually just get so annoyed you tell him keep it because you are starving. The amount of times that has happened to me is crazy. You are saving money, time and all hassle free.

If you, like myself, are too busy to cook and need something fast and easy. Then why not give JustEat a click! See you guys next week.

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