Monday, 16 April 2012

My thoughts on The Hunger Games

Two weeks ago a few friends of mine (Killian, Fionn and Ellen) kept tweeting about a little thing called The Hunger Games. Not the movie, but the book. You know because they are hardcore like that. They seemed to love the novels and kept talking about how good they were, so I eventually caved and went and got the books. 

Not long after getting into book one it was finished. This was the first time I ever came across a book I actually didn't want to put down. I have read many books but this one was a little bit different. Maybe it was the fact that it was at the very start of having two weeks holidays from school and I had a few days off before starting work so I had the spare time to get stuck in, but it took me about three days (this is including the breaks I took to get some Mass Effect 3 time in) to complete the first book. And I bloody loved it. Katniss is one badass mothafu**a. 

One of the reasons I also decided to read the book was because I wanted to go see the movie. But if you're going to see a movie based on a novel, then please read the novel first. Unless it's Harry Potter in which case then don't do either. After finally finishing the book and comparing that most books that have been brought to screen in the past have not been that great interpretations then I kind of dropped my expectations. However I need not have done such a thing. The movie was good and brilliantly portrayed. I just hope that the same director comes back for the second movie which is supposed to be going into production soon. 

If you have not read the novel or seen the movie then go do it right now. I promise you will not be disappointed. If you did then let me know in the comments below what you thought of either the book or movie. See you guys next Monday.

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