Monday, 21 May 2012

Summer is amongst us

Summer is finally upon us, date wise – not weather wise, and that can only mean one thing for a student like myself – TIME OFF!

Unlike most students however I will not be spending my time during the summer to sit around on my arse all day hoping a job is going to come my way, I am actually going to go out and make work for myself. Over the summer I will be concentrating heavily on two things;
  2. Dharma Software
I will be honest I have not wrote anything for the gamers hub in a number of weeks, this being due to school and having no, if any, free time. I will however be working everyday for them during the summer and helping provide the best video game and tech content we can for you.

Secondly, Dharma Software. As a number of you know I recently started a web-design and software company called Dharma Software and over summer I will be working every second to get that off the ground and up and running fully. We have a number of meetings in the next few weeks which are all very interesting and could lead to some very interesting projects! These are only the projects we are being asked to make for others, never-mind our own ideas – which we think could be amazing.

I will be in Dublin near the start of June for a few meetings with people and a few more in Cork the following days after. As soon as I can legally disclose information on projects, I will. But until then just sit back and relax. I will see you all next Monday. I should probably be studying right now, but hey this is more important right?

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