Monday, 25 June 2012

It@cork, Dublin and Dara O'Briain.

So how are things? For me, busy. I say busy – but at this stage that seems like a very big understaement. Things right now are pretty hectic. As you're reading this I am on a train to Dublin (provided you're reading this between 7-9 am on Monday the 25th of June). If you're reading it after that then I am well off of the train – it was a fun train ride.

I am in Dublin today (Monday the 25th) for a few meetings and coffee in Starbucks – the meetings are the reason we are here, coffee is just a bonus. I am heading back to Cork tonight on the 9 o clock train, so if you're on that and see me – say hi. Tomorrow I am attending the it@cork event at the town hall in Cork, Sean O' Sullivan from SOSventures shall be speaking there. Wedneday I have a few meetings, mainly with the bank (that should be very fun). Thursday I am back to Cork again for a few meetings and Thursday night I will be in the Marquee up in the front row watching the genius that is Dara O' Briain make us laugh. Friday is the one day I have off this week – although this could change by 10am today. Then Saturday is the biggest day yet where we, dharmasoftware (my company), will be helping out at Social Media Day in Cork.

So yes, a very busy week and only getting busier. This post is more of an update rather than anything else because I am working on a few things right now. This wedneday there will be some very big news over on so make sure to check that out! And if I don't see you all on here during the week then why not pop over to twitter where you can pretty much catch me 24/7 @dylanvarian. See you next Monday.

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