Monday, 2 July 2012

Social Media Day Cork – Round-up

Well I will tell you one thing, social media day in Cork was just insane! The day kicked off (for me) at 7am. I had to wake up and get ready and then head to the Rubicon centre in CIT for 9am. Here we helped setup for the event and were given some sexy t-shirts!

Then we were assigned our main job for the day – Twitter takeover. Yes for those of you wondering who was actually live-tweeting from the @socialmedia_day account yesterday that was the @dharmasoftware team. We were given some prizes to give out via the twitter feed including some vouchers for Electric Cork and some iPhone and iPad cases from OtterBox (it was so hard not to just run off with the OtterBox cases haha). We managed to succesfully give them all away to deserving winners by asking social media questions and questions related to the talks going on at the time. I would just like to say congratulations to all the winners! Also we were monoitoring #smdcork live, so when everybody tweeted ANYTHING to do with social media day cork we seen it. So we got to interact with a lot of you lovely people via that.

What social media day also did was bring everybody together and I actually got to meet a lot of you in person. I have been following some people on Twitter for quite a while now and it was lovely to meet them in person. Also I got to meet some amazing new people – which was probably the best thing about social media day.

Once the day event came to an end I headed into town and got a bite to eat before heading to The Bowery for the after party. I sadly had to leave around 10pm and things were just kicking off – I am hearing there was a dance off and if someone has a video of that, email me now!

Overall the day was amazing and I don't think it could have went any better. I would just like to give a big shoutout to those involved yesterday (I am going to use your Twitter names, because most people will know you as them) -

  • @Umnumnumm
  • @donal_cahalane
  • @Muriel_foley
  • @maevemaf
  • @cianoregan
  • @dharmasoftware
  • @spiller2

If it wasn't for those people im sure the day would have still gone ahead – but not as brilliantly. If I missed anyone (I know for a fact I did) leave a comment or tweet me and I will add you to the list! Also here are some pictures of the event curtsy of @kencurtin.

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