Sunday, 30 December 2012

I've Written A Book!

Over the past month I have been working on a ‘secret project’. Up until today only four people have known about it. These people, thankfully, did not reveal anything about the project until I said they could.
I would just like to thank three of these people; Anthony Keniry, Ellen Benaim and Niamh Murphy – I won’t thank the fourth person who knew about the project because that person, was me.
So what have I been working on? A book. More specifically an eBook. I have put a lot of effort into the production of this book and I have wanted to release an eBook for awhile now, but for some reason or other I just never got around to writing one.
The book I have wrote is called ’50 Ways To Get Ideas For Blog Posts‘. Here is the fancy cover I had made.
book cover
I’ve been blogging for about four years, on and off, now and I have had many conversations around the topic. However one thing which was a major problem with bloggers is trying to find ideas for blog posts. This is why my book now exists. It will be a resource for all bloggers to go to when the hit ‘writers block’.
The book is available to purchase as of now. So please, go buy it so I can feed my pet goldfish…
Again thank you to Anthony Keniry for designing the cover and both Ellen and Niamh for agreeing to proofread the book. If there are any spelling/grammer mistakes blame them.
If this book sells well enough I may just release another. It all depends on how well it goes, thanks to you guys. SO GO BUY IT, PLEASE!

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