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Dylan Varian is a writer, blogger and gadget obsessed male who tends to cringe when talking about himself in the third person.
I write for TheGamersHub.net, Krank.ie and the odd newspaper, mainly local. Blogging, playing with gadgets, reading and music tend to be where I feel most comfortable when writing. Although I do tend to get worked up when politicians pretend they are better then us 'normal folk'.
When I am not writing I am probably playing games. I love games. Did I get that message across yet?

I love hearing from readers! I encourage you to contact me for:
  • Questions and comments
  • Criticisms and rants
  • Ideas and Stories
  • Guest Article possibilities
  • Just to bug me

Twitter: @dylanvarian
LinkedIn: Dylan Varian
Google +: Dylan Varian
Skype: dylan.varian

I hope to talk to you all soon!